We provide you with the most comprehensive, useful, cross-cultural training available. From international managers and their families to multicultural teams, short term mission teams to changing cultural neighborhoods, we enable our clients to hit the ground running by taking away the anxiety factor in dealing with a new international assignments or multicultural environment.

Each of the below listings can be formatted for a

  • 90 minute informational/introductory session,

  • half-day interactive workshop or

  • full-day immersion into the topic.

Each includes and pre-session conversation exploring the needs/expectations of the organization and a post-session evaluation. 

Stone Soup Seminars

  • The Longing for Belonging: Foundations for Creating Authentic Community

  • Creating Sacred Space: The Kingdom of God as Inclusive Communities of Faith

  • Expand Your Borders: Building Diverse and Inclusive Communities in the Workplace

  • Belonging to a Dynamic Educational Community: Building Diverse and Inclusive Communities in a School Setting

Front Porch Conversations

  • Cultural Intelligence and the Dimensions of Culture

  • Navigating the Workplace: Workforce Mobility and What Expats and immigrant Employees Need to Know About Working in the U.S.

  • A Difficult Conversation on Understanding and Managing Unconscious and Confirmation Bias: Microaggression and Microassaults

  • Belonging at Work: Forming Community in the Workplace

 Building Strong School Communities

Whether you want to assess students’ intercultural competence, improve your study abroad program, or develop a strategy for building a culturally intelligent campus, we have a variety of research-based solutions to meet your needs. We offer online assessments and personalized feedback reports for administrators and faculty to bring cultural awareness and professional skill development to the academic setting. We will work with you to develop a customized solution for students, administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and community. 

 Empowering and Expanding Communities of Faith

Religious communities are faced with many opportunities and challenges due to our increasingly diverse world. How do faith-based communities remain true to their convictions while simultaneously adjusting to and learning from those with different cultural systems and beliefs? 

CQ enables religious groups to engage with people from other cultural and religious backgrounds respectfully. CQ, SQ, and EQ are all integrated into meaningful multi-cultural worship, purposeful congregational outreach into neighborhood ethnic populations, and life-changing international missions. 

Enhance the multicultural understanding and effectiveness of your faith-based group by assessing their cultural intelligence (CQ). Surveys include questions specifically designed to trigger reflection about religious issues and concerns in multicultural contexts. We offer online assessments and personalized feedback reports for faith-based settings to bring awareness and growth to your faith journey. 

 Developing Global Leadership Teams

CQ is the missing link between thinking globally and acting locally. EQ is the glue for creating strong bonds. The global community is built on three foundations: “Diversity is having a seat at the table. Inclusion is having a voice. Belonging is having that voice be heard.”  (attributed to @LizAndMollie)

CQ is the strategic link between a diverse workforce and diverse customers. Business involves vendors, sales staff, management, customers/clients, competitors… all of which form community. Healthy business communities bring sustained economic growth.

90% of executives are looking for people who have cultural intelligence. CQ provides a competitive edge for developing relationships with integrity which lead to healthy work communities.

Music, sports, parenting, research, politics, filmmaking, business, medicine, travel, volunteer service …Virtually all fields involve encounters with culturally diverse individuals and situations. The higher your cultural and emotional intelligence, the more likely that you successfully adjust to the cultures you encounter and relate to others in authentic community.